• Since it seems like WOL is on hold, there were some things I wanted to talk about with you. Hope you still get this message.

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    • Yah, I'm here. I'm sorry for being very distant from WoL, I've pretty much lost interest in finishing it and will be moving on to a more original story with original Characters (I still haven't given it a name, but I have ideas on the characters). I don't want you to feel your part was for nothing, I'm never forgetting what you did. What was it you wanted to tell me?

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    • Hey Kingpinn! No problem about that, I understand. What are you thinking of for that original story? Also, you give me too much credit for my part. :P

      Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was that, if you are not finishing WoL, there might be something I'd like to try around the basic premise sometime, whether it's a 3D short or small brickfilm, or something bigger. Would I have permission to do so, and if so, are there any conditions you'd request? I'm still not sure whether I'd ever do so, but provided I can still contact you at that point, I'd of course let you know the details once I come up with them.

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    • I give you the right to do whatever you want with the series. It would actually be cool to see a silent short film with the characters and basic premise of what I had originally wanted to do.

      As for my new series, here is the basic premise: It will take place in a technological society where the government is forced to draft "super beings" as super heroes to help against waring nations and rebelious super beings. It's not necessarily supposed to be a dystopia, mind you. There's also themes like magic and aliens in the world that I'll try to explain. The series will focus on a young male protagonist (I'm not sure what name to give him. However, his hero alias will be Park Man for reasons I'll explain) with an interesting power that allows him to sort of push and pull what ever is in front of him like a limited telekenisis. His powers, along with acrobatic training, have made him skilled in parkour (here's to hoping that doesn't sound ridiculous if well executed) as well as combat. Along with many others his age, he is a member of a team led by Tech Master (prototype name) who are tasked along with other heroes like the magic user Sir Gothic with protecting Denton City from threats such as the series antagonist Emphasis, a megalomaniac with the power to strip super beings of their powers and use them for himself, and his team of followers (including Syringe Man (actually his official name, I really like how it sounds) and D'ystroia (not only do I like how it sounds, how I spell it :D)) as well as a group of anti-heroes led by Average Joe with unknown motives. Over the series, Park Man along with his team mates will be living civilian lives with Park and a couple of members living in the Denton Inn, in witch they regualrly interact with the kind Inn keeper and his daughter who wishes she can become a hero like the ones she sees everyday (if you guessed she's the love interest, your correct XD. It's a cliche, but one that can be well executed). The other members live as nomads who constantly explore the large caves of the cities and sleep in tents.

      So, what do you think?

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    • It's quite interesting. I like the idea of Park Man's relatively unique power, as well as the fact that it's relatively limited and has to be supplemented with his own effort. The way it's worded doesn't make it clear, but he'd be able to enact it vertically too, right? He might have the added challenge of working against gravity or normal force that makes using it in this direction less frequent, but from an in-universe perspective, restricting it solely to being horizontal would seem slightly arbitrary. I have to go right now to soccer (sorry I couldn't reply to this earlier, I've been busy with some IRL stuff) but I'll finish my comments/questions on the rest either when I get back or tomorrow morning.

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    • It took me some time to think about what you just typed, but yah, it will be possible for him to perform his powers this way. He mainly controls his powers with his hands and feet (he can litterally perform a double jump), so if there were say a metal bar a few meters above him, he would be able to pull himself up by lifting his hands (If this has nothing to do with what you just said, then sorry, but can you please dumb it down for me XD?). I look forward to your questions when you have the time, I can be quite busy myself sometimes.

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    • Hey, it looks like we came online at about the same time. Awesome. :P

      By what you described, do you mean that, basically, he can pull himself up with a bar, even if his hands are not actually touching the bar? If so, that's a very interesting idea, and it makes sense. What I was discussing was basically whether moving objects up and down ("pushing"/"pulling" normally implies left/right/foward/backward) was out of the question.

      Anyway, as for the rest of what you wrote three days ago: Emphasis sounds like he could be an interesting villain. Would he have the ability to transfer abilities from one person to another that is not himself? That could provide some interesting plots, as well as opportunities for symbolic parallelism between the transition of these "powers" with real-life power transitions in organizations. Two questions I'd have about the living arrangements are: why an inn as opposed to some other living arrangement, and why would some live in the inn while others are nomads? Is it personal choice/preference for the latter question, or is there some other reason?

      As for questions on the story as a whole, how will you be publishing it, and what was your inspiration? In any case, it sounds like a premise that has a lot of room for freedom and a fair bit of creativity if used to its potential, and I hope that I get to see more of it. :)

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    • Ok, that's not what I meant. I was trying to say he could lift his hands/entire body up to the bar (please tell me you understood that, this is getting to complicated).

      So, I like your idea for Emphasis since I've been looking for a way to give him more depth and I'll definitely consider it. As for the whole Inn thing, It's really just a prototype idea along with the nomads. I might just resort to something like dorms provided by the government. However, I want to make the nomads an interesting part of this worlds culture since It's not supposed to be like our world where something like this wouldn't be normal. I'll explain more later.

      My inspiration is really all the animated shows I've been watching and video games I've been playing. Not only do they look nice, but the plots and characters presented were large inspirations (Just watch the Persona 4 anime, I'll give you a link if I have to). I'm not going to worry about publishing it until I'm finished (or rather, until I actually start XD, I haven't done it cause I don't feel ready). I'm gonna come up with better ideas, obviously change things here and there, and hopefully come up with something awesomew. Thanks for supporting me as usual. 

      Oh, forgot to ask, how's that video game coming along? Any other ideas you were doing?

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    • I'm still trying to come up with a name for it, maybe something with "Park" in it.

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    • Oh, now I think I get it. Like, he can "pull" himself toward the bar, in a sense, even if he's not touching it?

      Glad you like the idea. As for their residence, I didn't realize that it was preliminary still. I suppose it'll make more sense with more details, which I look forward to hearing about. :)

      While I appreciate the offer for a link, I'm not sure I'd have time to watch it. Most of the time I have with my computer I devote to listening to music or working on SoA or other projects. I guess I could always bookmark it, though, and watch it at a different time. When do you think you'll start writing, out of curiosity? As always, just let me know any way I can help!

      Ah, yes, the game. Well, I know how to code now, and how to use Unity. I've made a few vehicle controllers for now, and I'm working on models for a demo world. Mvp's made more music for the game, and Allen's coded the quickbuild system. And the generic enemy henchman character has been modelled. We're getting closer, I guess. :P We need more members quite badly, though.

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    • Yes, that's what I meant by "pulling himself".

      It's fine if you don't have the chance, but here's the link just in case: [1] I understand your pretty busy. I probably won't be starting to soon, but I'll let you know when I feel ready.

      Good luck with your game and I hope you find more people to help out.

      Now to come up with that name...

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