• Hey Kingpinn,

    So, a while ago, you gave me your permission to continue/adapt WoL if I wanted to, since you were pretty much done with it. I am thinking of, maybe over the summer, doing just that. The reason I mention this is that at some point I'd definitely want to run things past you, to maybe get insight on what original ideas you had for the story, or making sure there isn't anything I write that you absolutely did not want WoL to become or anything like that. :P However, in order to make sure I can contact you whenever that comes, I guess I just wanted to make sure you still plan on logging onto Wikia somewhat regularly still, or if you ever plan on stopping, that there'd be another way to contact you. I hope you haven't stopped already, in fact, and that this message reaches you. :P Hope your other projects are coming along too, by the way!

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    • Wow, It took me three days to see this. Sorry it was so long, I promise I'll start checking more to help you out. If you want to contact me, you can go to my skype: either "Augusto Ibanez" or "Kingpinn02" (you'll know because I use the same profile pic). I'm open to you making changes, and I don't mind if you do anything to drastic. But it would still be cool to talk about ideas with me first.

      In other news, I'm starting to plan out my first story in a new series! This time, it's the super hero one I told you about. I'm coming up with characters and deciding how the basic story is gonna work out. I'll show it to you as soon as I'm finished. Feel free to make as many changes to WoL as you'd like, and have fun while doing so!

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    • Am I to late? :(

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    • Nope, definitely not too late. I just didn't have time to check this wall for a few days. :P Apologies in advance for the textwall below.

      I don't have a Skype at this point, but if either of us stop using Wikia, I'll be sure to contact you that way. Honestly, even right now I can't communicate via Wikia much further; a few months ago, I've sort of been "forbidden" from logging onto Wikia, or any site, because of my parents' privacy concerns. As ridiculous as this is, given that I'm nearly an adult, I've sort of been avoiding conflict on it until summer (so I can concentrate on studying). That does mean, however, that even this message is sort of being done discretely; I just had to make sure I didn't lose contact with you before my IRL thing is resolved. I was worried I might have even waited too long; thank gosh that's not the case. :P

      As for ideas/changes, I don't have anything groundbreaking yet; I mostly just wanted to make sure I that I didn't lose contact with you by the time I did. :P I've sorta just been going over some of the older stuff on the wiki, trying to organize/sift out what might be cool to still incorporate.

      Probably the biggest change I've been considering is making the story non-LEGO. King and Kevin are already original characters, Pepper from the original LEGO Island is fairly different from grown-up Pepper in WOL, and with Vezon, the hardest part so far would be changing his appearance and finding a name as good as "Vezon". :P I dunno. I just think that the possible character dynamics between the four are truly something special, and it almost feels like a bit of a shame to limit the audience by tying it so closely to LEGO. Maybe I'm underestimating the LEGO audience, though. :P I'd be happy for your thoughts on this.

      I was also thinking of pairing a younger sort of pilot character with Johnny Thunder, making her the more hyped-up, quick-acting and creative character and Johnny sort of like the more knowledgeable, careful "guide" who's partnered with her. WoL kind of needs more female characters, to be honest; Sky's like the only semi-prominent one, right? :P And even she's sort of confined to "love interest". I hope that this is alright and that you weren't too attached to Leonidas; I'm just not sure how I'd write that without relying too much on Han/Chewbacca humor.

      Bringing back Skales (not sure if you abandoned him or just set him to the side) as an acquaintance of the group is another thing I want to try, but I even if the story isn't made non-LEGO, I think he might work better as an original character, to give more freedom with his backstory. And I hope I'm not being too political with this next comment, but in light of all the election happenings in the ol' U.S.A. (heck, even last election, to a lesser extent), Dollar Bill's plot seems like something worth resurrecting with a bit of added commentary, or at very least comedy... :P

      The throwaway character Jace Bricklighter I included in my userpage draft also feels like a good running gag opportunity. The super-competent agent working on some important mission in the background, always encountering misfortune in ways indirectly or directly tied to the main characters (and then maybe at the end miraculously saved by them when in over-the-top danger, in some quirky reversal), with nobody ever realizing the connection. Ooh, I almost forgot the portal emperor. With a character like Vezon, that definitely needs to come up at some point, sort of as a foil.

      The one thing I've had the most trouble with are the antagonists. Dr. Inferno is definitely the most colourful one, and I've been tempted to just make him the main antagonist, but he's also not the kind of character that can be envisioned as leading any more than, say, two planets, tops. At the same time, I'm having a bit of difficulty imagining Sargon's attributes, or his role. The only connection at all between him and the main characters is kidnapping Charge, but that's not a grand enough of a plot to eventually lead to his downfall, is it? I mean that as a legitimate question, not rhetoric. This has been my main stumbling block so far.

      Anyway, sorry for such a long message; I sort of lengthened it to compensate for any inactivity on my part for the next month or two (hopefully not more...). :P I'll still try and check back regularly as I can, though, and I can't wait for the new series of yours!


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    • It's been a long time, old friend. I'm equally as glad that we get to talk ounce more. So far, I have absolutely no problems with any of the ideas you've presented so far.

      Making it a non-LEGO story is a pretty good idea. At the time, I was obsessed with LEGO and wanted a way to put all the worlds together. Looking at it now, however, it would be a WAY better story if it was open to a bigger audience outside of LEGO fans (or "FOLs", I can't believe that's still a thing XD). 

      One of the problems I had was coming up with female characters. I kept trying to pull characters from LEGO but couldn't find anything suitable. Since the new series (or however many stories you'd plan to make if you agree to go about with this) would be non-LEGO, this will open up to more original characters. This new character you have planned is a way better idea then the Chewie/Han Solo thing I tried to have going with Leonidas (wait, wasn't it Lennox? I don't even care to remember XD).

      I'm interested to see what you'll do with Skales (as an original character) and Dollar Bill (or rather "Dollar Trump" XD... I'm so sorry).

      This is the first time I hear about Jace Bricklighter, but it sounds like he'll make for a funny character.

      So, antagonists. It would probably make more sense to have Inferno as the main antagonist, maybe building up how much control he has as the series progresses. As for Sargon, you should probably ditch him if you like. He really only existed to give Blacktron a face (I also wouldn't mind if you ditched Blacktron, but I guess keeping the concept of an enemy empire would be fine).

      I hope your problems get resolved eventually because I really wish there was a better way for us to communicate. Until then, I hope to hear from you whenever you're available.

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    • Glad to hear your thoughts on whether it should be LEGO. Here's to hoping that the conversion works well, then. :P I wonder what the heck to change Pepper's name to. XP

      Yeah, I can see why the female character thing would be tough when working with LEGO. At least now they're starting to have a slightly greater diversity. Glad to hear you like the new character. And yeah, it was Lennox, my bad. XP

      "Dollar Drumpf" would work even better than "Dollar Trump". :P As for what exactly I'd do with Dollar Bill, I guess that depends on how the election goes. There's a chance I'm going to get four to eight years of inspiration.

      Jace Bricklighter appears near the beginning of the last section of my old drafts page.

      Well, it wasn't even purely out of loyalty to the old WoL that I doubted Inferno's ability to function as the main antagonist. But what you said about building up control as the series progresses... that might work. I guess I'll try and write all the stuff you had outlined (mars, the pirate attack, etc.) and then see what sort of world dynamic fits into all that. Blacktron should definitely continue to exist, since it's a huge element of the story.

      Yeah, I hope I can get them resolved too. I'll at very, very least check back here to read your new story whenever it's published, whether or not it's wise to reply at the time. :)

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    • Even though I've pretty much abandoned the series, it's cool to see that you've been coming up with ideas to continue it. I'm hoping I can start working on the new story some time this spring break. I'll keep you udpated with what I do. You don't have to reply if you feel there's to big of a risk.

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